as the sun sets in St John's, Newfoundland

Mon Jul 4 13:23:23 EDT 2011

I don't think CHSJ ever got beyond three towers--and maybe only two.
At least that's what AMSTNS tells me. IIRC, the six-tower setup was
CBD on 1110. It apparently had to protect the US border because I
believe WBT's 0.5 mV/m 50% skywave contour cuts into Canada. I believe
the six-tower array was really short-lived; CBD had barely gotten
settled on 1110 when it moved to FM. Don't know what frequency it was
on before 1110.

The problem with this CBD speculation is that AMSTNS won't confirm it.
It shows a station on 1110 in St John (10 kW-U DA-2) with two towers
days and three nights (no calls assigned--all such Canadian stations
are called "NEW"). And, of course, three towers seems to be all that
ought to be needed to adequately protect the US/Canada border from 10
kW in St John NB. But then, the minimum toward the US is so deep that
you know right off that the array was never built; it was all just on
paper. Still, I don't see that six towers would have been necessary.
Six towers would produce a nice teardrop, but there was no need for a
teardrop; the pattern shown--a modified cardioid--would do the job;
there is nothing to the north to protect, so no reason for a narrow
tear-drop pattern.

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> how can  they justify a toll of $43.25 for the bridge to PEI? It is
> 8 miles
> long but  that toll charge is insane
> They probably collect that $43 for round trip.... and the distance,
> I
> thought, was 14 miles. So it makes sense.
> Now for RADIO...... Incredibly fat tower (guyed) when CHSJ was on
> 1150, and
> with a monster signal. Tower was in an industrial area of St John
> NB, near
> auto  salvage yards, cheap hotels, etc. When they moved to 700, they
> had a
> huge array  of 4 to 6 towers (can't remember the #) on the last
> sizable
> and-semi-bare hill  before going into the city (St John) from the
> south.
> Couldn't miss those towers.  Apparently Canadians had not learned
> yet to become
> NIMBYS.  Also upgraded  was PEI's CHTN from 1190 to 720, the latter
> audible
> around the shorelines north  and south of Boston.  Both stations
> spent a ton of
> money upgrading, only to  go to FM 15 years later.
> ---BB

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