Driving in Nova Scotia

Doug Drown vzeej5wn@myfairpoint.net
Sat Jul 2 15:40:37 EDT 2011

The Portland-to-Yarmouth ferry is gone, too --- I think it was 
discontinued before The Cat was introduced. 
I agree with all of you on the Board.  I can't believe available 
riders aren't out there.  Someone, somewhere, could still do a big 
business with this. 

There hasn't been train service to the Maritimes in about fifteen 
years, either, since The Atlantic Limited across Maine was discontinued 
(after 103 years). 


On Sat, 2 Jul 2011 15:29:27 -0400, "Dan.Strassberg"  wrote:
Due to its west-facing directional pattern, WBZ sends only the
> equivalent of ~5 kW-ND (from a quarter-wave tower) toward New Glasgow. 
> That's about the same as WEZE. With pretty much of a clear salt-water
> path the whole way, the 590 and 1030 signals should be comparable. 
> As for ferries, what about the ferry from Portland ME to Yarmouth? Is
> that gone also?
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> > I'll bet a lot of people miss the ferry.   The Cat left port from
> > Bar Harbor in March for points unknown.   I believe it's been sold. 
> > Sad.  I understand the loss has been a huge blow to Yarmouth's local
> > economy.   Ferry service had operated between the two communities
> > for nearly sixty years. 
> >
> > The ferry from Saint John to Digby is still running, but it isn't
> > particularly advantageous to anyone heading toward the east side of
> > Nova Scotia. 
> >

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