Driving in Nova Scotia

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Sat Jul 2 15:19:13 EDT 2011

1060 (provided they are really running the full 50 kW-D) should be
strong. The new day pattern favors the east even moreso than even WEEI
does, but the greater distance to the coast from Ashland compared with
Needham has got to take some of the punch out of the signal in NS.

890, which uses the same site as 1060, runs half the power of 1060 by
day but has a much narrower pattern, so the signal would likely be
comparable to 1060s if you were due east. I think New Glasgow is
northeast (~58 degrees from Boston), however.

Others of interest would be 1330 and 1600. 1200, which transmits from
the same site as those two, recently modified its day pattern (license
to cover has been granted) to improve the signal to the north somewhat
at the expense of the signal to the east. 1330, despite running lower
power than 1200, now has a nominally stronger daytime signal toward NS
than 1200 has. 1600 should be somewhat weaker than 1200 but still
fairly strong.

And then, don't forget about the lower-powered stations with a clear
shot over salt water to NS. 1300 is one; 1570 is another. 1570 runs
30 kW ND-D--so it really should be in the higher-power category.

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> On the Trans-Canada near New Glascow - Boston stations all doing
> well at Noontime
> 590 - decent
> 680 - strong
> 850 - very strong
> 950 - decent
> 1030 - decent
> 1200 strong
> 1510 very strong
> I miss the ferry - this drive is LONG

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