WTKK drops Imus, adds more Jim and Margery

Jim Hall aerie.ma@comcast.net
Tue Jan 11 17:30:45 EST 2011

I for one will be glad to get an extra hour of Phil Hendrie. I find his show
very entertaining. I am seriously thinking of subscribing to his web site
for shows I fall asleep on :)

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 Greater Media has dropped Imus in the Morning from WTKK, a show it had for
at least a decade.
Phil Hendrie will air from 1 to 6 am now, and Jim and Margery will start at
6 am, starting Thursday.
(In addition, WTKK has added Simon Baditer, a French-American host from WGN
in Chicago,
where he is based, Sundays 7-10 pm in place of the retired Eddie Andleman.)

>From what I understand, WTKK got Imus after outbidding WRKO (bostonradio.org
station profile of
WTKK) while WEEI decided to go with Dennis and Callahan. Memorable moment:
picture in paper
of Imus tearing into Jay Severin during a "Kiss Me I'm Imus" show. Also
after the controversy about
comments made regarding Rutgers women's basketball, Imus got bounced from
WFAN and was hired
by WABC--and here, after WTKK made an effort to grab Howie Carr but failed,
they returned The I-Man
to their airwaves in Dec of 2007.

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