Fybush: Willcox selling WNSH to Costa-Eagle

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 13:14:21 EST 2011

What Id like to know.. how can it be broadcasting a dead carrier for years?
Did someone forget the transmitter is on and just took the PC away or

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Gary's Ice Cream <gary@garysicecream.com>wrote:

> The pirate is STILL on the air in Lowell - with a dead carrier (and has
> been
> a dead carrier for over 3 years).  The studio and antenna/tower is located
> on Back Central Street.  There is even a sign in the front of the building
> advertising that this is the home of WKNE 1570.  The callsign is currently
> licensed to a Keene NH FM station but the AM version used to be active in
> Georgia (but no longer is).  They have a 100-watt transmitter and despite
> continuous protests to the owner he claims that "his engineer" told him
> that
> a 100-watt AM station was covered by Part-15 of the FCC rules (of course he
> is off by 1000 times - the legal part 15 limit is 100 MILIWATTS or 1/10 of
> a
> watt).  When the station was actually putting programming (automated
> Portuguese) on the carrier he was selling advertising (reportedly for $1
> per
> spot).  WLLH, the former WCAP owner and a number of private citizens have
> all reported him both by phone and in writing to the FCC office in Quincy
> but NO action has been taken - the carrier has been on the air for over 10
> years now.  It does completely obliterate the WNSH signal for about a 6 - 9
> block area.....from the Superior Courthouse to the Mobil Gas Station on
> Gorham Street to the LRTA Intermodal Station and to Fort Hill Park.  I know
> that Keating Wilcox has also been informed at least 3 times of this pirate
> and apparently have also done nothing.
> Kinda makes ya think that we should all start up our own 100-watt stations
> doesn't it!?!
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> >Scott Fybush said in today's North East Radio Watch (
> http://www.fybush.com )
> >that Keating Willcox isn't just leasing WNSH
> >to Costa-Eagle for Spanish programming, simulcasting the 800/92.1 combo in
> >Lawrence area, he's selling it to them for $400,000. A "Power 1570" logo
> appears
> >on the page Costa-Eagle has up.
> >http://power800am.com/
> >At least the 1570 they mentioned is a legit station. Awhile back wasn't
> there a
> >pirate in the Merrimack
> >Valley (Methuen?) at 1570?
> >Certainly a Hispanic audience out there, and the 30,000 watt directional
> signal
> >can do well (85w at night I believe though).
> The pirate I recall being mentioned at 1570 in the Merrimack Valley was
> supposedly
> in Lowell.  WNSH is NON-directional.  Early in the process of upgrading
> in terms
> of its signal strength, also including shutting down WPEP in Taunton, there
> was a
> proposal to go to 50,000 watts with a directional antenna.  I'm sure the
> people who
> live in the homes near the Endicott College campus would have loved that!
> There might
> have been a Oak Park District NIMBY group if that had gone forward.  As it
> is, 30,000
> watts out of a runt tower can't be much fun if a person living nearby tried
> to listen
> to anything in the upper AM band. Yikes...I hope Costa-Eagle doesn't try to
> morph this deal
> into running 30K on 1570 out of the current 800 tower in Andover!  There
> goes WWZN for me!

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