Hurricane Irene Radio & TV Coverage

A Joseph Ross
Sun Aug 28 20:26:15 EDT 2011

I noticed that all the local commercial TV chnnnels had various 
reporters standing outdoors in the wind and rain, sometimes holding onto 
their hats as they spoke, reporting on the storm.  The cable news 
channels did the same.  This is ridiculous.  Why can't they be indoors 
by a window?  Do they need to have a casualty before they stop doing this?

Yesterday, on the UMass Amherst campus, I picked up WFAN on the car 
radio, and one of the people there was commenting on this, too.  I think 
many standups are foolish and a waste of time, but this is particularly 

BTW, while driving home from Amherst yesterday I picked up a station at 
AM 700 which seemed to be all ESPN sports.  The legal ID was so soft 
that I couldn't hear anything beyond the W.  Anyone know what it was?

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