Hurricane Irene Radio & TV Coverage

Chuck Igo
Sun Aug 28 09:48:51 EDT 2011

Mark (et al) - our Portland stations are in storm coverage with requisite field reporters getting wet along the shoreline.  Not sure about the radio dial as I'm in the waning hours of vacay and trying to stay away for now.  i have checked work email and our news crew is in storm-mode and our management has arranged for hotel rooms for staff for those who want to not risk travelling in the morning

--Chuck Igo
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  Chuck Igo wrote:

  > I drove home thru this thing from Florida starting Friday morning 

    Glad that you & the family made it home safe. I was listening to WINS in the car Friday night on my way home, they were wall to wall Irene coverage then. This morning WBZ radio still in full storm coverage mode, Quick scan of the AM & FM dial shows everyone else in regular format mode. Boston TV shows WBZ, WCVB, WFXT & WHDH  along with NECN on cable all in wall to wall coverage mode, except WCVB taking 45 minutes of Good Morning America which was all Irene. Chuck, how is the radio/TV coverage up your way?

  Mark Watson

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