More sports on FM: WIP(AM) to simulcast on 94.1

Kevin Vahey
Fri Aug 19 19:24:53 EDT 2011

I wonder if WXRT Chicago is in trouble. The White Sox have told CBS they
want to be on FM and WSCR sounds awful in the city.

WYSP actually has a much higher came than WIP and slightly ahead in the
overall ratings. But with no locks and music fees to pay CBS must figure
they will make more.
On Aug 19, 2011 7:06 PM, "Dan.Strassberg" <> wrote:
> Without question, WIP (AM) has the best signal of any 5 kW-U AM in the
> Philadelphia market. By day, the coverage is very similar to KYW's,
> except, instead of WEPN, KYW's New York-market 50-kW first adjacent,
> which has a fairly broad pattern, WIP's New York-market first adjacent
> is super-directional 3-kW (D; 7.6 kW-N) WSNR, whose teardrop patterns
> aimed east-southeast don't even produce a listenable signal north of
> 34th St. A Philly AM that used to be 5 kW-U (WPEN) has upgraded to
> almost 50 kW-D and 21 kW-N, yet in Philly, the radio geeks don't give
> it credit for having a signal anywhere near as good as WIP's. Of
> Philly's 5-kW AMs, only Salem's WFIL comes close to matching WIP and
> it doesn't really do that because of nighttime directional-pattern
> differences.
> By night, of course, WIP does not have secondary skywave coverage,
> whereas KYW does. But if you don't count the folks in Ohio, western
> New York, and southern Ontario, who can hear KYW clear as a bell at
> night, WIP's coverage is just as good as that of 50 kW-U KYW.
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>> Larry Weil <> wrote:
>>> I don’t think the situation is the same in New York. WFAN has a
>>> much stronger signal than does WIP.
>> Fair point, but I wouldn't say WIP's signal is weak either.

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