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>I believe that you are correct. She was the widow of the male owner.
> Her name was Bernadette (or Bernadine) <something>. The name of the
> licensee was Sheridan Broadcasting, but that doesn't mean that the
> lady's last name was necessarily Sheridan. She ran the station quite
> well; talented air-staff and I believe that, despite being a
> relatively low-powered AM daytimer without pre-sunrise authority,
> they
> were making money. IIRC, though, the technical side of the operation
> was chronically under-funded. Nevertheless, perhaps because the
> contract engineer was the super-talented Grady Moates, the station
> sounded good over the air. Also, didn't WILD broadcast in AM Stereo
> for many years? Moreover, I think WILD was one of the first (maybe
> even THE first) AM in this market to run AM-band IBOC.
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>> Come to think of it, didn't WILD have a woman owner at some point?
>> Or am I remembering wrong?
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