Women in broadcasting ownership

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I don't remember her name, but (Kathy <something>), the CEO of Radio
One, which owns a bunch of stations, is a woman--an African-American
woman, at that. And in its heyday, wasn't the legendary WDIA Memphis
owned by a woman? I also wonder how many names you might turn up if
you were to Google "women owners of US radio stations past and

I suppose that being the general manager of a hightly successful
independent station in market #1 in the 1940s doesn't really count in
the ownership category because I don't know how large her ownership
stake (if any) was, but in the '40s, Bernice (Tudi) Judis was, I
believe, PD, and eventually GM, of the legendary WNEW (AM) in New York
City. She is credited with originating the music-and-news format, with
which WNEW competed very effectively against the major-network O&Os of
the day.

I don't know whether Ms Judis's life story has ever been turned into a
book, and if it hasn't, it may be too late to write such a book, since
Ms Judis and nearly all of the many show-biz legends who often paid
homage to her are also long gone, but if no such book was ever written
and Donna wanted to write another potential best-seller, a biography
of Ms Judis would seem to be an excellent candidate. If the book
turned out well, I can even imagine it being turned into a movie
staring, say, Meryl Streep;>)

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> Here's an interesting question for everyone on the Board: Who can
> come up with names of women who have owned broadcasting stations?
> This occurred to me this morning. I can think of two off the top of
> my head: Katharine Graham, obviously, of Post-Newsweek; and Helen
> Sloane Dudman and daughter Martha, who for years owned WDEA and WWMJ
> in Ellsworth, Maine. Beyond them, I'm scratching my head trying to
> think of others. -Doug

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