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A Joseph Ross
Mon Aug 8 00:34:51 EDT 2011

On 8/7/2011 4:35 PM, Eli Polonsky wrote:

> Yes, most of the established pirates in this area, including "Touch 
> 106.1" have been on the air for around (or over) a decade, for many 
> years before Obama took office. Most of them have been on the air 
> throughout the entire GWB administration, and many first came on the 
> air even before that. Though I have not necessarily been happy with 
> all things Obama myself, I find it ludicrous how his detractors try to 
> blame anything and everything that they don't like in this country on 
> him, with a blind eye to how long the same issues have been going on 
> long before him. EP

I believe it was the Republican Congress of the 1980s that cut the 
budget of the FCC enforcement division.  As I recall, they wanted to 
abolish the FCC altogether.

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