touch 106 FM

Sun Aug 7 19:16:01 EDT 2011

While I agree that this is not Obama's doing, I do think the FCC might drop
pirates playing perceived 'underserved' formats in a community to the bottom of
their 'go after' list...
(And I say this as someone that believes Obama is coming as close to
single-handedly destroying the US as any President save James Polk and his
Slavery "compromises"....)
-Paul Hopfgarten
Concord soon to be Epping NH

On August 7, 2011 at 4:35 PM Eli Polonsky <> wrote:

> >Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 07:32:54 -0400
> >From: Donna Halper <>
> >To: Chris Hall <>
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> >Subject: Re: touch 106 FM
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> >On 8/7/2011 3:24 AM, Chris Hall wrote:
> >> Two words: Barack Obama
> >>   
> >Umm, no offense, but wasn't there a problem with
> >pirates in the area long before Obama took office?
> Yes, most of the established pirates in this area,
> including "Touch 106.1" have been on the air for
> around (or over) a decade, for many years before
> Obama took office. Most of them have been on the
> air throughout the entire GWB administration, and
> many first came on the air even before that.
> Though I have not necessarily been happy with all
> things Obama myself, I find it ludicrous how his
> detractors try to blame anything and everything
> that they don't like in this country on him, with
> a blind eye to how long the same issues have been
> going on long before him.
> EP

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