touch 106 FM

Kevin Vahey
Sun Aug 7 20:00:12 EDT 2011

If the Boston Police feels that 106.1 is their best option to get a message
out to Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan then something is wrong but it is
also the reality.
On Aug 7, 2011 7:29 PM, "Peter Murray" <> wrote:
> It is completely understandable that most audiences do not want to
> listen to particular content on a lousy signal. Leave it to the
> crazies (whoever they are) to struggle to listen to weak signals for
> fun.
> It is commendable that Touch 106.1 FM provides the "public service"
> that they do, having the Congressman on their station and providing
> the service that they do to the community. I'm sure there are plenty
> of other groups who would also like that opportunity.
> I'll now echo (and amplify upon) that which Donna has already
> mentioned - Touch FM is not licensed, may (or may not) use non FCC
> type-accepted equipment, and are certainly not operating within the
> established legal framework to which the legitimate signals in the
> market do conform (at great expense).
> That this is permitted to continue in a market as large as Boston
> seems to indicate that they are not just a lucky rogue operator, but
> that there are others providing tacit support. It creates a bad
> precedent, and opens the FCC EB to liability. If the appropriate
> powers actively shut down some operators and not others, that does
> appear discriminatory.
> Don't get me wrong - I think that the current licensing model and
> spacing rules were written with the express purpose of keeping the
> existing signals strong and making it difficult to add new
> competition. I do believe that the conventional broadcast model is
> being upended with the advances in ubiquitous broadband, and the
> on-demand availability of the desired content is eroding the value of
> the typical programming to the lowest common denominator we hear too
> often today. Provide compelling content to listeners that they can't
> get elsewhere, and they will come to you for it. Live and local gives
> a station personality and locally relevant content. WTOP in DC is
> making huge profit with this approach, and have established themselves
> as the de-facto go-to station for news, traffic and other information
> of local importance. Perhaps WRKO should give up on talk and try 100%
> news, traffic, weather....
> Regarding Spanish on an FM in Boston - I think it would survive just
> fine, if there were an available licensed signal. For what it is
> worth, CBS Radio-owned class-B WLZL (99.1, Annapolis MD - transmitting
> from 20 miles away) is performing better in the 12+ ratings here in
> the Washington DC metro than some of its English-speaking sister
> stations which transmit from sites 15 miles closer to downtown (I'm
> looking at you, WIAD)...
> -Peter
> On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 6:42 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
>> I don't think most Hispanics want to listen to music on a bad AM signal
>> On Aug 7, 2011 6:26 PM, "Jeff Lehmann" <> wrote:

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