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Jeff Lehmann
Sun Aug 7 18:26:46 EDT 2011

> Boston would also most likely support a Hispanic full time FM as well.

It's worth noting that very few of these pirates have been broadcasting in
Spanish. The only one I can think of right now is 99.1, doing Spanish
religious in Lawrence. I don't think there's been one in
Dorchester/Mattapan/Roxbury doing Spanish. I actually don't think Boston
could support a Spanish FM... The Spanish FM in Philly didn't even last a
year, and I believe their Hispanic population is/was higher than Boston's?
890's ratings are not through the roof. I think we already have the Spanish
FM that there will be around here for now, 102.9, the translator for 800
WNNW in Lawrence, where most of the Hispanic population is.

I'd guess that about 70% of the pirates, and a higher percentage than that
of the AM ones (720, 1640, 1670....) are broadcasting in Haitian. Haitians
must just be very good at setting up pirate stations, because I think the
percentage of radio stations is quite high for the actual population, though
I suppose it is growing leaps and bounds. 

The other 30% is broadcasting to the urban community, or other carribbean

Most of the pirates are location within a half mile or so of Blue Hill Ave
in Dorchester/Mattapan.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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