Busting pirates.

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How many enforcement people does the FCC have in Quincy? They have to cover New England and need to prioritize things. Aviation, marine and public safety radio interference problems generally are bigger more immediate problems than a pirate broadcaster. 
Then they have special projects like the upcoming Opsail 2012. They act as frequency coordinators protecting incumbent government frequencies from interlopers.
They also have mandatory inspection duties on marine radio stations on ships under international treaty. This was a particular favorite of Vince Kajunski. Dennis has his priorities, especially those coming down from Washington. 
Look at the enforcement actions on the FCC website. Antenna structure registration is big along with cable system leakage, the odd cell phone jammer AND... Pirates. They, nationwide, do go after quite a few. 

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2 words - Mayor Mumbles

Boston Police uses them at times to get messages out
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> On 8/6/2011 2:41 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> I heard this pirate for the first time this morning on my car radio in
>> my basement garage in Arlington Heights near Route 2 and the Lexington
>> line. Sounded quite professional and just loaded with spots. If they
>> aren't giving away the time, they might be making a fair amount of
>> money--especially considering that pirates don't pay music-licensing
>> fees.
> Nobody yet has given me a good explanation as to how these folks remain
> on the air. They may be the nicest people ever, they may be performing
> a great service to humanity, but the last time I checked, they were
> operating illegally and that used to be a no-no. Why has the FCC given
> them a free pass?

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