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But from our local record-holder, AM 1150-Boston, we know that CDBS
records can be incomplete. Someone on this list already posted that
CDBS listed nine calls for this station, when, in fact, someone else
on the list had shown us 12. CDBS had failed to capture the three
oldest call signs, of which WCOP may be both the oldest and the one
that was in place the longest. So why should we not believe that there
must be similar omissions in the CDBS call-sign histories of at least
some of the stations that it lists as having had the greatest numbers
of call signs? I think we have adequate evidence that at least some
CDBS call-sign histories are incomplete, particularly with respect to
older call signs.

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>> I believe the current record holder is an LPFM station near
>> Lebanon, PA.
>> It's licensed to Gap, PA on 92.9, and I think the current calls are
>> WLRI-LP, but for a few years it was filing for new calls on almost
>> a
>> monthly basis. It's not clear to me how many of those calls
>> actually
>> made it on the air, since the station was apparently silent for a
>> while.

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