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WNTA stood for National Telefilm Associates, right? I believe that
that company still owned the station when its calls became WWDJ. If
that's correct, then WNTA most likely followed WJRZ and preceded WWDJ.
But that's purely a guess. I remember that WAAT was owned for a long
time by Bremer Broadcasting, which also owned 94.7 FM and Channel 13,
WATV, whose transmitter was on the Watchung (Wachung?) Range in (I
think) S Orange. That location prevented it, for many years, from
delivering a competitive signal to the five boroughs. Now, did Bremer
own 970 when it was WJRZ? If not, was NTA the owner at that time? And
if not them either, who did own the station when it was WJRZ? And what
was the format?

I have the impression that, at least in recent years, the WJRZ calls
have become associated with a county format and with stations pretty
far south of Newark. When 970 was WJRZ did it have a country format? I
don't remember. The last country music I can remember on New York
radio was surely not the last country music on New York radio. It was
Rosalee Allen on WOV 1280, whose positioner was "WOV fills your nights
with music." WOV programmed in Italian during the daytime and after
6:00PM and maybe overnight did music with English-speaking announcers,
one of whom, I believe, was William B Williams.

Newark has an interesting radio history. Maybe because of the
phenomenal soil conductivity in the Meadowlands, a lot of New York AMs
were originally licensed to Newark, including WJZ, WOR, and WNEW (or
its predecessors, WODA and WAAM). Before it moved to Long Island
Sound, I believe that the original WABC (the one that's now WCBS),
transmitted from someplace in north-central New Jersey--Bound Brook,

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> And one other note, just from the nitpicky department: I am quite
> certain the move from Kearny to Hackensack happened long after 970
> had given up the WAAT calls. It was either WNTA or WJRZ when the
> move was made; I think the latter.
> s

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