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But the never-ending parade (or merry-go-round) of call letters on
1150 has been going on for about half a century--really. Call-sign
changes are common among stations that are perenially unable to find
successful formats. That certainly has been the case with 1150. Its 12
call signs put it at the top of the list of most call signs on one
frequency in the Boston market. I have no idea just where 12 ranks
nationally, however. My guess is not far from the top, but probably
several places away from the very top. Maybe Scott or Garrett have a
better idea of which US station has had the largest number of call
signs and how many call signs it has had.

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> On 10/28/2010 4:09 PM, Dave Doherty wrote:
>>WTTT  10/31/2003
> Perhaps I'm reactionary, but I liked it better before we had an
> unending shuffling of calls. A few decades ago I lived just down the
> road from the original WTTT for five years.
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