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WNYM are the current calls of the 970 station in Hackensack NJ (New
York City) that used to be WWDJ. And years before Salem exiled the
WWDJ calls to Boston, and flipped the Hackensack station to WNYM, WNYM
were the calls of the first station that Salem owned in New York City.
That WNYM was a share-timer (and eventually a full-timer) on 1330 that
had been WPOW and before that, had been WBBR (no relation to today's
WBBR). Salem had to divest itself of the first WNYM when it acquired
WMCA, because, in those days, the FCC did not permit broadcasters to
own multiple stations on the same service in the same market. I
believe that Salem sold the 1330 WNYM to RadioVision Christiana who
re-umm-Christened it WWRV. In one of those radio-only "what goes
around comes around" scenarios, WWRV (which was the original WNYM) is
now diplexed with today's WNYM from a three-tower site in Hackensack
that was built when what was then WAAT Newark moved from S Kearney to
Hackensack and increased to from 5 kW-D/1 kW-N to 5 kW-U to better
serve the New York market. When I was a kid in the west Bronx, WAAT
was inaudible at night because the null to protect WCSH passed right
over my neighborhood. When the station moved to Hackensack, it boomed
in at night where it had previously been inaudible. Salem increased
the day power to 50 kW a couple of years ago but the 5 kW night signal
remains unchanged.

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>> Call Sign History
>> Current Call Sign:   WNYM
>> Facility ID Number:   58635
>> Call Sign  Begin Date
>> WNYM  08/06/2008
>> WTTT  07/25/2008
> Huh?  Wht's WNYM?
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