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Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Thu Oct 28 07:20:17 EDT 2010

"Union 9-9272 sounds like the old WABC ads for the all-night clothier in Union, NJ, but I can't be sure."

They never used phone numbers in those ads, mostly because they wanted the foot traffic, especially on the overnights.  Here's one of those famous ads:

"Dennison, the men’s clothier, Route 22, Union, N.J., wants you to know there’s a wise old owl sitting up in the tree who says, there’s no wiser bird than me. 
There’s nothing I can see during the day that would interest me. 
I buy at night, I buy right. But you better never buy at a men’s store that closes at 5 or 4.   
You’ll never make it because when you get there he’s not there. You’ll try the door, you’ll read the sign we close at four. 
So you take the next day off and lose 75 bucks in pay. Get back to the store that closes at four. You try the door, it’s locked like before.  
Now you see a sign. Lunch time: 12 to 1. You look at the time, it’s 12:30. Then you look again: 15 minutes to go 
And you blow your top.  You try the door. Then the rain came, and did it pour. 
Now you’re wet and sore. Then he came and the rain stopped, and you’re in the store. 
So you bought a $75 suit and the $75 you lost in pay adds up to $150. 
You got all wet and the suit you bought you can’t wear anymore. 
Now, Dennison says that for that kind of dough I will sell you three. 
So let’s go, if a man wears it we have it. 
Fill our till that’s nil. That’s Dennison Clothier, Route 22, Union, New Jersey. Open from 10 a.m. until five the next morning. 
Recognized charge plans accepted, and open right now."

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