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On 10/27/2010 3:27 PM, Doug Drown wrote:I sometimes used to listen to 
WKBR in Manchester on FM.  This was in the mid- to late sixties; I think 
the AM was on 1250 by then, but we couldn't get it out Fitchburg way.  
WFEA, on the other hand, came in reasonably well.  Both stations had a 
good sound; which one dominated the market?

I did, too.  We moved to Bedford in1957, and in December 1958 I got my 
first FM radio.  I soon discovered WKBR-FM and found it a good 
alternative to the Boston Top 40 stations.  One thing I liked was that 
on Saturday afternoon they used to play the previous Top 40 from a year 
ago.  After WCOP gave up rock & roll in 1962, I turned to WKBR even more 
because WBZ had talk in the evening and WMEX had a poor nighttime signal 
in our corner of Bedford (and had Gerry Williams starting at 10).  So 
WKBR was what I listened to when I wanted that kind of music in the evening.

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