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A Joseph Ross
Thu Oct 28 00:08:13 EDT 2010

On 10/27/2010 8:55 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> I remember Edwardson and Putney from WGY in my college days (early to
> mid '50s). In those days, though, Steve Fitz was on little WSNY, a
> 250W Class IV on 1240. WSNY sounded amazingly professional for such a
> small station--its signal reached the entire Capital District by day
> but was competitive only in Schenectady and adjoining communities,
> such as Rotterdam. 

I remember discovering WSNY by accident from our home in Guilderland 
around 1954 or so.  I wondered about it because it wasn't listed or 
mentioned at all in the radio listings in the Times Union.

I also remember Earl Putney (I thought it was Pudney, at least that's 
how it sounded to me) on WGY in the morning, where my mother used to 
turn for news and weather.  He also had a weekday early-evening TV show 
(I don't remember whether it was on every day or just once or twice a 
week) on WRGB, where he sang and played piano.  He must have worked an 
incredibly long day to be on the early morning shift on radio and then 
an early evening TV show.  Likewise Howard Tupper, the weatherman, who 
did the weather forecast in morning and then on the evening local news.

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