BSO on the radio - not for me anymore

Tue Oct 12 08:52:32 EDT 2010

When was the conversion done? If early enough, I suppose a conversion
to CD as opposed to a hard drive was possible, even likely. But the
use of a RAID array to store something as mission-critical as a radio
station's entire intellectural property, even as long as 10 years ago,
seems like a strong possibility. You have to remember that WCRB had at
least one top-flight technical person on its staff over its entire
history, except possibly for the last few years immediately before
WGBH bought it. Especially if the original source media were to be
trashed, you would expect that the job would have been done with with
the utmost care under the supervision of a person who appreciated the
value and irreplaceable nature of the material that he/she was working
with. (And yes, I've thought about the sarcastic comments that are
likely to follow from a certain list member in the Merrimack Valley.)

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>I was hoping that when WCRB moved closer to me (I am in Andover), the
> would be better. It's not, and I am not sure it's actually the
> signal as
> such, because it didn't happen with previous incarnations of 99.5. I
> have
> often wondered if WCRB converted their collection of classical vinyl
> LPs to
> CD themselves, and didn't always do a great job. The sounds that I
> find
> distracting are the sort of sounds vinyl records used to make if the
> record
> was old, the stylus needed replacing, or the tone arm was not
> properly
> balanced. The errant sounds seem to be periodic as you would get
> with a
> vinyl disc spinning. Given the size of their recording collection,
> maybe
> they hired kids to do the conversion to CD. It's not on every
> recording, but
> it's on enough of them that it makes listening to WCRB kind of
> annoying.
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> I'm in East Chelmsford and can see the blinking lights on the WCRB
> tower
> from my is less than 5 air miles away....but many
> nights when I
> turn on the Bose radio as I go to sleep I find 99.5 to be
> unlistenable with
> static and interference...other times it is fine.

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