BSO on the radio - not for me anymore

Larry Weil
Mon Oct 11 16:12:09 EDT 2010

It is possible the interference you heard was from their HD (Hybrid Digital)
Radio sidebands.  Of course you could get an HD radio or tuner, and listen
on WCRB-HD1 or WGBH-HD2.  If you are not sure if this will work out for you,
buy the radio or tuner at a store that has a good return policy.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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> I went to listen to last weekend's BSO concert [first time since GBH
> bought CRB].  In Swampscott with an indoor antenna [rabbit ears], I
> could not get a clean [eg, worth listening to] signal off WCRB.  I'm
> stunned.  First, that WGBH relegates this flagship program to a
> station with a modest signal, despite their current talk
> programming.  Second, that being NE of Boston [~25 miles from the
> tower], not way south of Boston or such, I could not get a clean WCRB
> signal.  There was a squirrelly squaking noise about 30db down - even
> when the receiver was otherwise reasonably noise free [eg, the signal
> was not weak].  I don't live near any strong local FM signals.  I
> tried a 2nd much older receiver, and it couldn't get _any_ signal
> from WCRB, while every Boston [and many many more] stations came
> rolling in just fine.  Good Greif...
> Does WCRB still run [does anyone still run] SCA?  Could this be it
> [coupled with a less than hi-end but new receiver]?  I do have a hill
> near my house between me and their tower... another possible factor;
> clear shot to south and SW [including Boston and Needham] but not to N
> and NNW.
> I think [?] they stream the WCRB signal on their web site.  But does
> this work for high sound-quality classical music - something close to
> what you could get off-air with a clean analog signal?  The streaming
> bandwidth needed would seem excessive - fine for rock or talk, but
> classical??
>     George

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