BSO on the radio - not for me anymore

George Allen
Mon Oct 11 15:45:50 EDT 2010

I went to listen to last weekend's BSO concert [first time since GBH 
bought CRB].  In Swampscott with an indoor antenna [rabbit ears], I 
could not get a clean [eg, worth listening to] signal off WCRB.  I'm 
stunned.  First, that WGBH relegates this flagship program to a 
station with a modest signal, despite their current talk 
programming.  Second, that being NE of Boston [~25 miles from the 
tower], not way south of Boston or such, I could not get a clean WCRB 
signal.  There was a squirrelly squaking noise about 30db down - even 
when the receiver was otherwise reasonably noise free [eg, the signal 
was not weak].  I don't live near any strong local FM signals.  I 
tried a 2nd much older receiver, and it couldn't get _any_ signal 
from WCRB, while every Boston [and many many more] stations came 
rolling in just fine.  Good Greif...

Does WCRB still run [does anyone still run] SCA?  Could this be it 
[coupled with a less than hi-end but new receiver]?  I do have a hill 
near my house between me and their tower... another possible factor; 
clear shot to south and SW [including Boston and Needham] but not to N and NNW.

I think [?] they stream the WCRB signal on their web site.  But does 
this work for high sound-quality classical music - something close to 
what you could get off-air with a clean analog signal?  The streaming 
bandwidth needed would seem excessive - fine for rock or talk, but classical??

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