Practical advice needed: What do I do now?

Sid Schweiger
Fri Oct 1 10:03:19 EDT 2010

Was the interference "awful" at your old place with this same computer?

The problem with PC-as-noise-generator is usually a cheap switching power supply, or one that's so old its filter capacitors have dried up and are no longer filtering.  Replacing it may cure your problem.

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I just set up my old computer in the house where I'm newly residing, and the noise interference on AM is awful. FM is fine. 

I didn't have this problem at all with the computer I had borrowed for the past several months. II gather what I need is some kind of suppressor, but I have no idea what. When it comes to computers, I can write, send, save, upload, download, maneuver around the Internet, and create a website (kinda-sorta), but when it comes to the tech ends of things I'm pretty ignorant. 


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