WEEI versus The Sports Hub (was: Entercom to buy WFNX?)

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 17:02:19 EST 2010

I will grant that D&C started as an Imus replacement - the thinking for years was sports would not work in AM drive and WFAN was the gold standard. 

The Metco flap 10 years ago should have ended it but Entercom just laughed it off. 

AM while dying will still have one or two signals in every market that will be fine - WBZ will always dominate here.

WRKO is in an awful situation now for local talk as they really can't exploit the probation scanda as Finnerian may be implicated and Howie will dance around it because the Globe broke the story. I also think Howie doesn't understand most are tired of him berating his employer. Sure he didn't like being forced to stay at WRKO but he is also being paid very well. 

What WEEI needs badly is fresh voices - there really hasn't been anything new since Mike Holley replaced Nemie. 
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At 03:12 PM 11/27/2010, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>So if they wanted to get into his position on a national college
>football championship, that's fair game, right?  (He cosponsored a
>bill when he was a senator which would have prohibited advertising any
>game as a "national championship" unless it was the championship game
>of a playoff.)

I have no issue with talking about Bush or Obama or anybody else for 
that matter if it's related to sports.  Bush owned a baseball team, 
Obama loves to play basketball, all  certainly fair game.  My issue 
is when talkers on a sports station take the conversation into 
political rants that are often hateful and in no way connected to 
sports.  (I was consulting a country station a few months ago and 
heard a syndicated talk show duo get off on a rant about the "fact" 
that Obama is a Muslim-- now, please tell me what that has to do with sports.) 

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