radio history at Tufts and claims of being the first broadcast station

George Allen
Thu Nov 11 08:45:28 EST 2010

An interesting history of radio at Tufts is in the current alum 
mag.  They say: "Not only did Tufts' radio station make the first 
continuous radio transmission in history. It may well have been the 
first broadcast station in the country."

And then there's the "legend" of the train-track antenna back in the 
late 60's with their 10 watt AM station.  Sounds a bit fishy to me... 
altho the license did get pulled by the FCC for some now undocumented reason.

And let's not forget Tuft's Amos Dolbear, a professor at Tufts in 1874:
who's patent prevented the Marconi Company from operating in the 
United States.  ["Dolbear [...] appears to have successfully sent and 
received signals using Hertzian waves over a distance of 13 miles - 
more than a decade before Marconi did".)]
    george  Tufts '74 EE

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