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Sat Nov 6 13:15:16 EDT 2010

Reelradio.com has hundreds of airchecks including the entire Crusin series. 
 It's 15 bucks a year but hey have entire Charlie Greer  overnight shows 
and  plenty of Denisson commercials. They even have quite few Boston airchecks 
from  the 60's tjrough the 80's.
I used to listen to WPTR and WABC in Revere when I was a kid.  mainly 
because Boston pulled the plug in music at ten until RKO came along. 
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>>>The website www.musicradio77.com has a couple of  Dennison's 

I underestimated how many people in  Boston listened to WABC overnight 
until the morning that Roby Young went nuts  on the air concerning the rumor 
that Beatle Paul was  dead.<<<

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