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Yes the musicradio77.com site has a clip of Chuck Leonard on the air after King died.

Locally 950 when it was WRYT would do transmitter testing on Monday mornings and played music and took calls from all over. Geoff Fox who is now a weatherman at channel 8 in New Haven lived at the transmitter in Saugus and was responsible for the show until the FCC said enough as WPEN wasn't pleased. Geoff got the idea from a station in Lookout Mountain,Tennessee that did that for months and came into Boston like a local. 

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> I remember that night. I listened until he stopped talking for whatever reason and Les Marshak came on. He said that they weren't taking any more calls about the Paul thing. Often wondered just what had transpired until I glanced through Rick Sklar's book, I think. He described how he's been alerted, called Marshak to come in and they met in the lobby before going upstairs. I think that's pretty accurate. Anyway, he wrote that Yonge understood, took it calmly and cooperated in leaving the station. That's the jist of it as I understand it. 
> Another thing happened that I don't think anyone remembers. At least, no one has responded when I wrote about it somewhere. One Sunday night/Monday morning, the station signed off for transmitter maintenance. I listened to it because even in high school I had insomnia. They ran the usual tones and took the transmitter on and off the air, and so on. After the carrier came back on, this deep voice intoned, "From deep within the echo chambers of the Blue Network. Hahhahahahahahhahha", approximating The Shadow's laugh. I never heard anything like it again....curious. :) Wish I had been able to tape that....it would be priceless today.
> Thanks so much for the message. It's great to connect with others who share the same memories from that time. One more thing - do you know if there is any audio from WABC from the JFK and/or Bobby Kennedy assassinations? I was listening to the station when Bobby was shot...what a time....   I'd really like to hear some of the audio if it exists as I've never heard any of the station's coverage of the JFK shooting.
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> Bob Paine
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>> The website www.musicradio77.com has
>> a couple of Dennison's commercials.  
>> I underestimated how many people in Boston listened to WABC
>> overnight until the morning that Roby Young went nuts on the
>> air concerning the rumor that Beatle Paul was dead.
>> Word spread like wildfire until WABC security had to escort
>> him out of the building.  
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>> That could have been Dennison's, which I think was in
>> Union. I should remember because I listened to WABC all
>> night. All of you north of Waterford CT had better reception
>> for the Boston stations; while you heard Arnie "Woo-Woo"
>> Ginsburg, Bud Ballou and the rest, I could only get WMCA and
>> Musicradio 77 WABC (ding). The overnight guy was Charlie
>> Greer and he did Dennison's commercials. I can't recall if
>> their spots began with "Is this the place? It's gotta be the
>> place, 'cause there's no other place like this place". After
>> the first line, the jock would slap the desk -
>> ba-dum-dum-dum-dum or whatever SFX fits. I am pretty certain
>> that Dennison's ads had an end tag, "Dennison's, Route __,
>> Union, New Jersey. Dennison's, where money talks, nobody
>> walks." I sometimes use that line today. Of course, no one
>> has the foggiest notion of the significance but I just smile
>> and let them wonder what I'm up to......
>> Bob Paine

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