Station addresses confused!

A Joseph Ross
Thu Nov 4 15:50:26 EDT 2010

On 11/4/2010 7:03 AM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> And something similar when Vic Diehm bought what had been WNAC and
> changed the calls to WVDA. WVDA 1260 (transmitting from Milton) was
> the next station on the dial to WJDA 1300 (which transmits from
> Braintree). In New York, WNYC, which had been WNYC forever, complained
> when WEAF became WNBC. In that case, though, there were several major
> stations on the dial between WNBC and WNYC and, in those days, WNYC's 
> signal was so poor in nearly all of New York that it's hard to imagine 
> how anyone could have confused it with WNBC.

I think my favorite example of call-letter confusion was when my family 
moved to Albany when I was 8 1/2 years old, and I noticed there was a 
WPTR and a WTRY.  I got over my confusion, but one day at school, the 
principal, in his morning announcements, referred to "WPTRY."

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