a suggestion for my new book

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Tue May 18 20:22:05 EDT 2010

>Scott wrote--
>I don't mean to slight either Arcadia or Donna here; Arcadia's 
>brought a lot of local history into print (and into national 
>availability) that would never see print otherwise except maybe as 
>something privately published locally, and of course Donna's 
>material is bound to be fascinating.
>But I like to think of this as perhaps just the appetizer to test 
>the market for a much more elaborate coffee-table book on Boston 
>broadcast history someday...

That has always been my hope-- to do a full treatment of Boston 
broadcasting.  Bob Bittner and I talked about it back around 2000, 
but then it just didn't happen.  Still... I figure the Arcadia book 
(and Scott is right about what he said) is a good start, and at least 
they have excellent distribution. 

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