a suggestion for my new book

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I guess you've got to pick somebody who is best known for his/her TV
work, since people who worked mostly in Radio are not likely to be
recognized by potential buyers. Who is the best-known local TV
personality of the last 60+ years? Presumably, it would be someone
with great longevity. Natalie and Chet, maybe?

A while back, somebody commented that Sesame St is not really a local
Boston show. It's no news to anybody that Sesame St is seen in every
major market in the US and probably just about every major market in
the world. But doesn't the show have Boston roots? I mean, isn't it
produced by WGBH? If so, I would pick a Muppet--probably Kermit, maybe
Ms Piggy or maybe the two of them.

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> As many of you know, I am working on a new book-- a pictorial
> history of Boston radio and TV.  The editors (Arcadia Press) asked
> me to choose a cover photo of a famous Boston radio or TV
> personality, and frankly, I can think of many possible choices, but
> wanted to ask you good folks-- what famous Boston radio or TV
> personality (past or present) is sufficiently well known that they
> should be on the cover of a book?  Your suggestions are deeply
> appreciated.

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