Boston and ABC Radio

Jim Hall
Sat May 15 18:49:51 EDT 2010

WORL (now WROL) 950 was also an ABC affiliate at least for news at some
point back then. I don't remember when ABC Radio decided to split their
newscasts into four separate feeds targeted to different station formats,
but that may be why people are remembering so many stations as having been
ABC affiliates in the same time frame.

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> I didn't arrive in Boston until 1956, so I have no first-hand
> knowledge of what happened to the network affiliations in 1953. WVDA
> may still have been an ABC affiliate in 1956; not sure. I don't think
> WCOP was. Plough Broadcasting from Atlanta, which had bought WCOP, was
> heavily into Top-40 and Top-40 was not thought to be compatible with
> network affiliations. Shortly after I arrived in Boston, Diehm sold
> WVDA to Air Trails of Dayton OH, which renamed the station WEZE. The
> station kept the WEZE calls though several owners and when Salem
> bought 590 and moved its Christian preaching/teaching format there,
> the WEZE calls moved with the format.
My family moved back to the Boston area from Albany in May 1957.  At 
that time WCOP was doing Top 40, without a network affiliation, and 
WVDA was the ABC affiliate.  At some point after the call-letters 
change to WEZE, it became an NBC affiliate.  ABC moved to WTAO for 
awhile, into the early 1960s.  Since WTAO was a daytimer, some ABC 
programs in the evening occasionally were carried on co-owned WXHR.  
Very occasionally.

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