WBZ Still proding a special Weather Service

Ron Bello rbello@belloassoc.com
Mon Mar 29 11:01:31 EDT 2010

Nice service to community but in the internet age with instant updated
on our cell phones, is anyone using it ?

On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 1:44 AM, Thomas Heathwood <heritageradio@msn.com>wrote:

> RE:
> The one thing that WBZ used to seem to 'get' was the loyalty of Greater
> Boston viewers/listeners and their ability <gasp> to recognize loyalty
> in others. The drift away from that characteristic was not a locally
> driven notion. Years ago on this list it was clear what was happening as
> 'corporate' began to get creative. The rest is history, too.
> Bill O'Neill
> It might be of interest to many that WBZ/CBS has maintained a free
> telephone weather service for many, many years which can still be dialed up
> (get number from switchboard)
> 24/7 and get a very recent weather condition report and forecast.  Surely
> we have to congratulate WBZ/CBS for continuing to provide this un=heralded
> public service since Don Kent days.
> Tom Heathwood    HeritageRadio@msn.com<mailto:HeritageRadio@msn.com>
> 3/29

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