WBZ Still proding a special Weather Service

Thomas Heathwood heritageradio@msn.com
Mon Mar 29 01:44:41 EDT 2010

The one thing that WBZ used to seem to 'get' was the loyalty of Greater 
Boston viewers/listeners and their ability <gasp> to recognize loyalty 
in others. The drift away from that characteristic was not a locally 
driven notion. Years ago on this list it was clear what was happening as 
'corporate' began to get creative. The rest is history, too.
Bill O'Neill

It might be of interest to many that WBZ/CBS has maintained a free telephone weather service for many, many years which can still be dialed up (get number from switchboard) 
24/7 and get a very recent weather condition report and forecast.  Surely we have to congratulate WBZ/CBS for continuing to provide this un=heralded public service since Don Kent days.
Tom Heathwood    HeritageRadio@msn.com<mailto:HeritageRadio@msn.com>     3/29

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