copyright question

Garrett Wollman
Sat Mar 27 11:52:36 EDT 2010

<<On Sat, 27 Mar 2010 00:24:00 -0400, "A. Joseph Ross" <> said:

> Usually there is someone who takes over the assets of companies that 
> liquidate.  What became of Plough Broadcasting?  Did someone buy it 
> out?

Well, the successor to Plough -- which, you will recall, was a drug
company -- is today's Merck & Co.  According to Wikipedia, Plough
merged with Schering in 1971, and Schering-Plough merged with Merck
last year.  (Note that Schering, like Bayer and Merck, had its
U.S. operations confiscated during one of the World Wars, so the
U.S. Schering Corp. was not owned by Schering AG at the time of the
merger.  Schering AG later merged with Bayer AG.)  So the company
clearly still exists.  The question then becomes one of what was
included in the sale contract when Plough sold the station in


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