Classical Radio on the ropes.....

Wed Mar 24 16:21:22 EDT 2010

There is a BRI list member who constantly touts KING in Seattle as an 
example of a well run classical station.

Now it appears that KING is in trouble as well, and has to change their 
business model.

Classical KING FM to become listener supported

""This is the next logical step in our evolution as a great classical 
station," said Bayley."   "KING's founder Dorothy Bullitt built a legacy of 
great classical programming and innovation at KING FM.

"That vision worked well for a time, but the handwriting is on the wall," 
Bayley said. "With all the changes in media in the United States, commercial 
advertising is no longer a fit for KING."

I guess we are lucky to have WCRB alive and on the air in any form! 

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