Would Sox games be on 93.7 HD signal?

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Isn't the Insignia radio you mention a Walkman-size device? And
doesn't it receive analog FM as well as HD channels? If the answer to
both questions is yes (and I'm almost positive that it is), then
wouldn't the Insignia unit be your answer regardless of whether the
PBP was on 93.7 HD3 or not? Though the Insignia receiver is small, if
it can tune in HD3 channels, which operate at no more than 10% of the
station's full power, it must also be quite sensitive as an analog
receiver. Buy it someplace where they will let you play around with
receiving weak signals. Or buy it where they will take it back if it
doesn't perform satisfactorily. Doesn't Best Buy allow returns? Also,
wouldn't your supervisor prefer to have you listen to a small receiver
that fits in your pocket and presumably does not disturb any of your
co-workers as compared with a boom-box, which you presumably have to
play loudly enough that everyone within 15 or 20 feet of you can hear
it whether they want to or not?

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It was mentioned that WEEI is now on a HD3 signal of WMKK 93.7. This
may finally get me out to buy the Insignia portable at Best Buy
because...dare I hope...I might be able to hear Sox games on that
signal, while at work.

Or can I? Is there a rule about whether or not an HD sub-carrier (or
whatever you call it) can carry MLB
games? If not, I'm out of luck, but as you've heard me say before,
where I work (and I work nights)
getting WEEI is a challenge on the workroom floor. I need to use a
mini-FM transmitter. The games are also on WBOQ out of Gloucester but
the signal isn't strong on the workroom floor (maybe if I stand in one
spot and try to get it, great, but the bosses would not be too happy).
And boomboxes, etc., can't really get it either (WBOQ)

But HD, hmm. IF they allow it. Anyone know? WMKK comes in just fine
where I work. In fact I would hope that even if Entercom wanted to
keep "Mike" on they might take a break from "Everything" to
carry Red Sox games so people with signal problems can hear them. Too
much to ask?

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