Charlie Manning replaces Rush on WRKO starting Monday

Sid Schweiger
Tue Mar 2 10:51:00 EST 2010

"That actually surprises me a bit. 

"I would think "FunkyTown" (aka Star 937) on WMKK-HD2 would do well since the
original Star 937 did reasonably well. And I would think the smooth jazz
format on WMJX-HD2 would show up in the ratings too. WCDJ and WOAZ didn't
top the charts certainly, but had a respectable dedicated audience. 

"The latest public ratings for Boston even list WCBS-AM. Surely more people
must be listening to Boston HD than to a station 200 miles away. 

"But then again, I have two HD radios and am not objective. HD radios are
still hard to find and, except for the little portable, cost too much."

Your last paragraph tells the story.  No HD secondary (at least not in any of the New England markets) has enough listening recorded via PPM or diary to meet minimum requirements for listing in the printed books or software, and that's mostly because not nearly enough people have the radios.  The programming on HD secondaries of niche formats is also an issue.  They didn't have the requisite numbers or ratings performance on main channels, so they're certainly not going to garner enough of an audience to show up in the ratings on signals which the vast majority of the potential audience can't hear.

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