Charlie Manning replaces Rush on WRKO starting Monday

Tue Mar 2 08:39:55 EST 2010

There is a technological issue that someone here must surely be able
to answer: Is the PPM encoding unique to each HD-n subchannel or does
a single encoded ID appear on all of the station's channels (analog
and digital)? If the latter, the portion of the the audience that is
listening to WXKS-FM HD-2 or -3 will be credited to Kiss, not to AM
1200. I imagine that the encoding must be unique to each
channel/sub-channel, but I don't _know_ that.

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Don't forget that WXKS 1200 will also be heard as an HD subchannel of
KISS-108, which may be a reason why Matty is talking this up. I'm not
sure how ratings are done on HD subs, but it's possible that any
ratings on HD-2 or 3 might be lumped in with the main channel.

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