WBZ-TV History and Where Are They Now?

Linc Reed-Nickerson linc@reed-nickerson.com
Mon Jun 28 13:57:55 EDT 2010

I believe WBZ can probably take the honors for earliest locally originated
color transmission, not live, but because they (Bill Hauser) purchased an
RCA TK-26 color film chain (before or about the time WHDH went on the air).

Interestingly it was disassembled and made into three B & W film cameras
before being reassembled and up dated with COHU encoder.  

I worked at WHDH in the summer of '65, and it was the best job I had from
the broadcast side (Tektronix was best from the supply side).  Unfortunately
I was a "summer replacement" and got drafted into the Army that summer, the
only full time opening I found on return from Vietnam was at WBZ.  They may
have been number 1, but the couldn't compare technically to WHDH.  Shortly
after I got there they brought Dick Ellis in as Chief from KYW, and his
philosophy was to purchase industrial equipment rather than broadcast
quality. No matter how bad they looked they still made numbers!

Now going way back, and I asked this question to many of my colleagues at
WBZ, and nobody could remember this person's identity.  Jack Chase had a
morning show, and on that show for bumpers they had a toddle (female) in a
playpen.  I'm guessing she'd be between 55 and 60 now.  Who was she and
where is she now?  One clue, I think she might have been related to Gordon
Swan.  Donna? if anybody knows, you will!

I also remember another personality, female, with an odd first name for a
female, Duncan, I believe (ch 7 or was she Jack's co-host).  Am I
hallucinating, or is that a valid memory?

And who was the woman that did the nautically oriented kid show on WMUR?  I
worked there in 1964, and they remembered her, but couldn't remember her
name (Glendora and the SS Glendora?).

And one final question, we had a very nice young lady that worked as a P.A.
for Rex trailer, Jackie Murphy.  I believe she went to B.U. and eventually
married a station owner in Vermont.  I know she worked at WARE for a while
in the mid-70's and was also on WAQY (?) in Springfield.

Just some questions about things I'd like to know (my bucket list).


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