WNAC-TV 1981

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You're right.  All I remember of WNAC-TV in the early '50s is Louise 
Morgan, Gus Saunders, a few network kiddie shows, a few CBS and ABC 
primetime shows, and --- as you said --- Superman.  I don't remember 
any newscasts or anchors.  I do recall the test pattern, with The 
Yankee Network's distinctive Art Deco lettering.  (I think they 
continued using it long after The Yankee Network's demise.)

You're also right about WNAC's signal.  It was never as good as Channel 
4's; depending on weather conditions, it was frequently rather snowy 
out in the Fitchburg area where I grew up.   Things improved 
considerably after the new tower was erected (mid-'60s?).    -Doug

Quoting "A. Joseph Ross" <joe@attorneyross.com>:
> On 27 Jun 2010 at 19:57, Kevin Vahey wrote:
> > It is amazing how when you talk to people who are old enough how few
> > memories WNAC-TV generated between 1948 and 1957 before Channel 5 went
> > on air. People have strong channel 4 memories but take away Louise
> > Morgan, Gus Saunders you don't have much. 
> I remember "Time for Beany," although they often ran it opposite
> Howdy Doody, so I didn't always watch it. 
> I remember Superman on Friday evenings. 
> And I remember Space Patrol on Saturday mornings. 
> But channel 4 had more of a local personality, and they also had a
> stronger signal in a lot of places. 
> They also carried Mickey Mouse Club.  And Disneyland on Saturdays at
> 6 PM.  I think they carried Zorro until Channel 5 came on.  For some
> reason, probably contractual, they continued to carry Mickey Mouse,
> even after Channel 5 came on, until the following fall. 
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