WNAC-TV 1981

Sun Jun 27 20:15:44 EDT 2010

I worked there one summer and they had the bowling alley in the basement. I 
 always ran the camera with the contestant in the garage. It is where they 
kept  the news vehicles  and it always smelled of auto exhaust.
Speaking of exhaust, we used to record the announcements on a cart and  
Leif Jensen would make the announce booth look like he was in a cloud  bank. He 
head a great voice but I think it was enhanced by he smokes.
I never saw Gamere or Joe drunk but did see them with killer hang overs.  
Gamere was nasty with everyone when he had to deal with the public with a 
hang  over.
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>>>The only equipment mistake they made when they moved to  Bulfinch was
the master control switcher from Northern Electric which was  way too
complicated than it had to be. Leif Jensen would hold court in  his
glass booth (is he still alive) and then there was the challenge  of
keeping director Joe Sullivan and sportscaster Bob Gamere sober  for

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