WNAC-TV 1981

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Sun Jun 27 19:21:47 EDT 2010

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> I worked the first year of Candlepins when it was taped in >Quincy using 
> the WOR truck until RKO decided it would be >cheaper to build alleys in 
> the basement. I wish some tapes >existed of Friday shows as Gamere was 
> usually legless by >the 5th show.

  Found this WXNE Channel 25 "Candlepins For Cash" clip on You Tube, with 
Bob Gamere hosting. I didn't know he had hosted the show when it moved to 25 
after WNAC axed Gamere & the show. Does anyone know how long Gamere lasted 
as host on 25? I remember Rico Petrocelli hosting the 25 run of the show, 
which IIRC was taped at the Wal-Lex bowling alley. Here's the link to part 1 
of this show:


  And regarding the Newsroom 7 clip: great clip to watch Remember when all 
the stations had a commentary or editorial as part of a newscast? I remember 
some of the reporters in the credit roll, and one of the ENG folks listed in 
that credit roll, Charles Ballentine retired from 7 about a year ago. He had 
been doing the overnight news chasing shift for years.

 Mark Watson

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