WNAC-TV 1981

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Sun Jun 27 11:52:17 EDT 2010

Thinking of Bob Moulton who just passed away

I worked 2 summers at 7/WRKO in vacation relief and it was a good shop
to work at.

The only equipment mistake they made when they moved to Bulfinch was
the master control switcher from Northern Electric which was way too
complicated than it had to be. Leif Jensen would hold court in his
glass booth (is he still alive) and then there was the challenge of
keeping director Joe Sullivan and sportscaster Bob Gamere sober for

I worked the first year of Candlepins when it was taped in Quincy
using the WOR truck until RKO decided it would be cheaper to build
alleys in the basement. I wish some tapes existed of Friday shows as
Gamere was usually legless by the 5th show.

Yes RKO mailed in the news in the 50's and 60's but starting in 1970
they were as good as 4 and 7. Chuck Scarboro and Lee Nelson made for a
good team and there was a good crop of reporters. Gary Armstrong KNEW
everybody in town.

WNEV just never had a prayer. David Mugar may know how to produce a
fireworks show but not run a TV station. Win Baker was a madman and
news director Bill Applegate was impossible to work for. WNEV also had
problems getting good syndication as a stand alone station while 4 and
5 could buy in groups with other markets.

Being the young hippie they would always send me from projection down
to radio. Good memories.

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