With 940 now officially vacant

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Almost guaranteed that your midday reception of CJAD in Methuen was
daytime skywave--probably a lot more skywave than groundwave. Although
WNNW does not lie in a CJAD null, CJAD's signal toward WNNW is the
equivalent of only about 25 kW ND. Considering that the Green
Mountains and White Mountains lie between Montreal and Methuen, what
you were hearing was unlikely to be mostly groundwave. I can remember
50+ years ago listening in my dorm room in Troy NY on a Zenith AM-FM
tabletop radio (seven tubes, IIRC, and a REAL loop antenna--no ferrite
cores) to what was then WCAU Philadelphia at least 250 miles away
clear as a bell with no fading, But I'm sure that if I had listened
long enough I would have heard the fades that gave away the fact it
was skywave. Both CBF and CBM ~200 miles away were also audible there
back then, and unlike WCAU, which was a rare catch, the two Canadians
were there every single day all day and evening. Every now and then
you'd catch a fade on 690 or 940 that would remind you that it was
skywave. Obviously, though, there was also a lot of groundwave or the
reception would not have been so reliable.

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 > any time 800 went silent,
  I could easily hear CJAD at midday using my GE portable that does
NOT say it's a superradio. This is pretty remarkable because CJAD's
towers are about the   same distance from Methuen as WABC's single
50kw tower in Lodi, NJ, and CJAD came in better at midday than WABC,
even before WVNE-AM 760 signed on.

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