With 940 now officially vacant

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>When CJAD finds a way to generate revenue from your listening south of the border, then they might care about the signal improvement that a move to 940 would bring in New >England. 
>Until then, one can argue that CJAD actually does better in its target market on 800 than it would on 940. CJAD's 50 kW on 800 is concentrated in a relatively tight directional pattern >over Montreal; if it went to 940 with the looser DA that CINW used, it would actually have a lower field strength over most of the Anglo population up there! 

  On numerous occasions, the AM station licensed to Lawrence, MA and transmitting first with 1,000 watts daytime,
  then 3,000 watts daytime from Andover MA just SW of the Lawrence City limits, as WCCM and thern WNNW, would
  go silent for hours at a time.  In the case of WCCM-AM 800, perhaps because they had no auxiliary transmitter.
  As I've noted from time to time, Costa-Eagle has shut down WNNW so they could attach cellular telephone 
  antenna elements, take down the old 93.7 FM antenna, and install the new 92.1 translator. (Why do they call it
  a translator...the Spanish language programming on the AM is STILL Spanish on FM.  Same thing with the 995callclassical
  translator on 96.3 in Back Bay:  the Bach Cantatas are still sung in German.)  Anyway any time 800 went silent,
  I could easily hear CJAD at midday using my GE portable that does NOT say it's a superradio.  It's the unit
  I utilized to hear "Let's Talk About Radio" on WJIB-AM.  It's the most sensitive radio I own (I don't dare use bad
  language or cast apersions on its parentage anywhere near it.) This was true in winter or summer.  And I 
  could pick up CJAD on my car radio in spots.  This is pretty remarkable because CJAD's towers are about the
  same distance from Methuen as WABC's single 50kw tower in Lodi, NJ, and CJAD came in better at midday
  than WABC, even before WVNE-AM 760 signed on.

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