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That is SO great!

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Memos from Monique:

"Sunday night midnight, Monday morning, call it what you will. We sit
back, unwind, unbutton unzip, if it's too tight, take if off who the
hell's gonna see you at this hour.  Have a drink, a pop, a snort, a
chaser,  what have you. Me, I'm having ice coffee. See [tinkle tinkle]

"We wanna get off and running tonight by telling you about the Kenmore
Club Complex, dead in the heart of Kenmore Square, Lucifer, Katy and,
for the more sophisticated of the sippers, Yesterday"

"Now a word for Ken's, Ken's at Copley, Ken's in the heart of Copley
Square, Ken's directly across from the Sheraton Copley Hotel. That
where to head, whether it's a drink, a pop, a sandwich, a snack or a
full course dinner.  Look for me, I'm on the late night menu."

"Hello.  Yeah. Yeah.  No we just played him lst week.  No I gotta give
him a rest.  Yeah. Yeah.  Bye:"

"We're keeping the commercials brief tonight, just a mention of the
sponsor. Hey what the hell, it's ten bucks a pop. Everybody knows
that, we have no secrets. So just a brief mention and Lots of Comedy"

"Ran into my good friend Ben Sack..."

"We'll be here as long as your calls keep coming, at one and the same
number. WO9....89............89.  How bout some comedy from one of
those fresh young comedians. Here's Godfrey Cambridge."

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