On the Indiana Toll Road

Kevin Vahey kvahey@gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 11:31:22 EDT 2010

I at first thought it was 850 from Cleveland but then I realized it
was the Celtics announcers

Then I checked 680 and there was Joe doing the Sox

Now in Utica at 11:30 AM and the mighty 1030 is bombing in as usual
from 250 miles away

On 6/11/10, Dan.Strassberg <dan.strassberg@att.net> wrote:
> If WEEI was on night pattern (which it should have been at any time
> during the C's game last night), and the pattern was in adjustment, it
> is difficult to imagine it booming in 750 miles to its west. WEEI is
> supposed to send the equivalent of less than 100W in that direction at
> night. Could Entercom be taking a cue from the co-channel station in
> Penn Yan NY(WYLF), which is supposed to run 45W at night but was heard
> all over the Northeast and Eastern Canada for many years--even after
> the FCC issued a warning? Or was this a case of the "playoffs STA"
> that the FCC has been rumored to allow to AMs in big and small markets
> that carry sporting events of major importance to listeners in their
> markets? Of course, it could also have been an example of freak
> propagation conditions; I've never heard other reports of Entercom
> stations violating the terms of their licenses.
> The report of local reception last night being no different from
> normal in MetroWest suggests freak propagation (which conceivably
> could affect the skywave without affecting the groundwave). But then
> there is the report of WEEI being heard routinely at night west of
> Cleveland OH. That one REALLY puzzles me. A signal equivalent to 100W
> routinely being heard ~500 miles away on today's crowded AM band may
> not be impossible but it certainly seems freakish.
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>> Both the Red Sox on 680 and the Celtics on 850 are bombing in near
>> Elkhart, Indiana
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